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Built-in world-class audio technologies

Crafted with style and durability in mind

Our Brand

PaloVue is a global leader in mobile audio. Our vision is to let everyone enjoy listening to ultra-quality music anytime, anywhere through our continuous innovations in mobile audio technologies. 

Music is mind-healing and spiritual. Just connect our product to your mobile device, then hit “play.” Let let the real music take your breath away.

with lightning connector

NeoFlow Color

A set of fun and convenient earbuds in four colorways, all to convey not only your mood, but your personality too.

with lightning connector


Create for our customers, whatever their requirements; rugged, on-the-go, noise cancelling earbuds that stay put during intense workouts, earbuds for casual audio book listeners that want comfort, style and sonic depth, or all-round workhorse earbuds that fit the bill - and your music - no matter the journey they take you on.

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