Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Does it work with iPhone 6/plus, iPhone 7/plus, iPhone 8/plus, and iphone X ? A: Yes,it is compatible with all iPhones/iPads with lightning connector. Q:Does it support iOS 11.4? A: Yes. Since it is MFi certified earphone, it is compatible with iOS 10 or later. Q:What's length of cable A: It is 1.13m Q:Can I answer calls with this headphone? A: Yes, it has a MEMS mic built into the controller. You can certainly enjoy nice calling quality. Q:What's the function of buttons on control panel ? A: It has three buttons on: main button & Vol + & Vol - . The functions is same as Apple in-box earphone. You can increase or decrease the volumm via the Vol +/- keys and Fast-forward/rewind/skip track via the main button. Q:Does it require an App ? A: No, it does not need an App.
Q: How do I turn on the "Hi-Fi Mode"? A: Press the "Hi-Fi Mode" button then you'll hear upward twp beeps going up, meaning "Hi-Fi Mode" is on. You will also see LED flashing blue. Q: How many devices can Earflow Wireless remember? A: Earflow Wireless can remember up to 8 devices at a time. Q: My Earflow Wireless are experiencing sync issues, how can I troubleshoot? A: 1. Check to ensure your device's Bluetooth setting is enabled. 2. Make sure your device is within 1m (3ft) of the Earflow Wireless. 3. Delete the pairing record on Earflow Wireless and your device, then try to re-pair. Q: Why does no sound play when Earflow Wireless are connected to my PC via Bluetooth? A: You may need to change the default audio output on your PC to "Bluetooth Headset". 1. Close all media applications in your PC (such as Windows Media Player). 2. Open 'Control Panel' > 'Sounds and Audio Devices' > 'Audio'. 3. Change the default output device to 'Bluetooth Headset' in Sound playback. Q: How long will Earflow Wireless's battery last? A: At 50% volume, playtime is at least 12 hours (Standard Mode). Q: Is it possible to pair Earflow Wireless with a second device? A: Yes it is possible but only after disabling the original device's Bluetooth or deleting its pairing record before pairing the new device. Q: Is it possible to pair 2 Earflow Wirelesss with one device at the same time? A: No. Q: How can I skip tracks? A: Long press (1s+) Volume + to skip forward. Long press (1s+) Volume - to skip backward. What should I do if Earflow Wireless disconnect from my device? A: Try turning Earflow Wireless off and on. If this doesn't solve the issue, then re-pair with your device again. Q: What is the operational range of Earflow Wireless? A: The operational range is 10m / 33ft. This can be affected by walls, pillars and other obstructions so during use it is recommended to keep the distance between Earflow Wireless and your device as short as possible.
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